Industrial Motor Controls

Power Business Efficiently with Variable Speed Drives and Motor Controls

Optimize Energy Efficiency Enterprise-Wide

Variable speed drives are a remarkably efficient way to power numerous applications found throughout industrial and commercial operations. Common uses include:

  • Blowers for air conditioning units
  • Boiler pumps for heating units
  • Conveyor systems
  • Production line cleaning, cooling and drying processes
  • Drilling and grinding machinery
  • Stamping equipment



A ½ HP electric motor costs approximately $240/year to operate, while the compressed air motor equivalent costs more than $2,300.

Drive Energy Efficiency with Motor Controls

You can improve overall system performance by teaming variable frequency drives with motor controls or smart motor controls. Traditional mechanical starts and stops are abrupt. The full-on power up and hard-stop shut off wastes valuable energy and puts unnecessary stresses on expensive capital equipment. The smooth start and stop capabilities of motor controls save energy and help extend the life of the drive and the equipment it powers.

In addition, smart motor controls enable multiple devices to be linked into a single, integrated system. This takes overall energy efficiency to another level while improving operational efficiencies on the plant floor.

The Key to Minimizing Energy Use is Precision

You need to know exactly how much power every device requires to function at peak efficiency. If you use a 1/2 HP drive when a 1/4 HP would meet demand, you’re paying more than you need to for the drive… and you’re consuming more energy than necessary.

Motor Controls Protect Equipment and Employees

Stresses on capital equipment accelerate wear and lead to increased maintenance costs. Even worse, premature failure threatens both uptime and employee safety.

Best Practices for Evaluating Motor Controls and Variable Frequency Drives for Your Facility

We believe it’s important to thoroughly understand your operational needs and challenges, so we can engineer precisely the right solution for your company. That includes applying our proven 6-phase process to overall project management. This ensures a holistic view of your manufacturing needs and long-term business objectives. As a result, you can be confident that you have the right motor control and drive combination for every application, and that they are part of a system designed to optimize your energy efficiency.


Learn how to improve energy efficiency and extend equipment life with the right motor controls and drives.

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