Environmental challenges are heating up.

Is your metal-processing company’s value at risk because of your environmental impact? Is the challenge to attract and retain labor affecting production? Is your facility optimized to keep your people safe, maximize throughput and reduce operational cost?  

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With risks this high, the heat is on.

Casting facilities are dramatic environments. With such extreme conditions, worker safety is always a concern. But that’s not the only risk. The relentless heat presents severe environmental challenges for lighting, equipment, and mechanical systems. Engineered smart solutions are constantly put to the test. And as the climate changes, these challenges continue to grow. It becomes harder and harder to maximize output and reduce operational costs, ultimately putting a company’s value at risk.  

Hot-button Issues.

Environmental factors can create a massive barrier to attracting and retaining labor. And no labor means no production. Casting facilities must minimize these harmful environmental elements. 

  • Extreme heat 
  • Excessive dust and grit 
  • Toxic vapors
  • Severe vibration

Keep it cool.

Wasmer is an expert in casting facility optimization. By reducing the carbon footprint of steel, decreasing emissions and VOCs, and eliminating stormwater contamination, you can increase your ability to attract and maintain labor, not to mention, appease the growing investor and public interest in sustainability. We’ll take a holistic approach to your facility and design a strategy to implement various sustainable initiatives. 

Optimization Challenges.

  • Attract and retain labor 
  • Pressure to reduce carbon footprint of steel 
  • Emissions, VOCs
  • Stormwater contamination
  • Hydrogen-based steel production
  • Growing investor and public interest in sustainability 

Specific to Challenges.

Cool Timeline

Industrial Controls Engineering

Peak demand utilized efficiently by load-shedding/shifting can reduce costs and gain efficiency for foundries. Having good control on highly inductive loads is imperative. Wasmer knows how much you can throttle down, for how long, and model that to optimize your day 100%.

Facility Layout & Design

With safety at the pinnacle of decision-making, Wasmer can design a smooth flow of work that heightens throughput. Conveyors and processing equipment is designed to minimize energy, assure safe material handling, promote reliability, and isolate vibration.

Equipment Management

Vibration, relative humidity, high temperatures, atmospheric pressure and VOCs impact equipment functionality and lifespan. Utilizing IoT solutions, Wasmer can help lengthen equipment life and assure its operating most efficiently and effectively.

Automation, Industry 4.0

Wasmer uses simulation-based predictive and prescriptive analytic software for process improvement and has had specific experience doing with in foundries. A foundry does not need to be PLC-controlled to implement IoT solutions nor does data-gathering and analytics require an expensive, plant-wide investment. Wasmer can assist with developing these solutions right sized for you.

Decarbonization, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reduction

HAPs (hazardous air pollutants) at foundries are primarily traced to chemical binder emissions used in mold and core making. Wasmer assists with the selection of sand additives, low carbon process design, energy-reduction strategies and ESG metrics.

Improve indoor air quality

Hot, dusty, high-particulate environments call for robust engineering solutions. We design make up air systems, maintain appropriate temperature and relative humidity, reduce airborne silica loading, and map indoor air health and safety data.