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Smart Energy Solutions for the Toughest Environments

Engineering what’s best for your business, not what’s easiest for us.

Veteran Owned

In the military, “failure is not an option” is more than a saying. It’s a mindset. And as a U.S. Army veteran, our CEO and Lead Energy Expert Tim Wasmer makes sure that “can do” attitude permeates every facet of our company. Since our founding in 2010, we’ve been passionately committed to being the team our clients depend on to get the tough assignments done. On time. Within budget. Delivering results as promised.

Smart Engineering Driven

Companies turn to us because they want an engineered solution to their operational and business challenges. They want a company that digs a little deeper, thinks more holistically and works relentlessly to craft the right solution for the need. They want a partner with a methodical approach to energy efficiency assessment, planning and execution, whether it’s a project for LED lighting, compressed air management, industrial HVAC, motor controls, variable frequency drives, or on-site power generation.

We’re not just going back to the warehouse and grabbing a box to install. We’re understanding your situation. Your environment. Your business challenges. We’re creating a solution custom tailored to optimize your energy savings. And more importantly, improve the trajectory of your entire organization.

Client-Education Committed

We work closely with you, so you have the best possible understanding of what all is at stake. After all, we’re convinced that the more you know about energy efficiency and how it contributes to operational efficiency and bottom-line driven strategic objectives, the more likely you are to partner with us for your next project. And subsequent projects.

The Wasmer Mission

By providing a comprehensive range of energy efficiency products and services, Wasmer enables you to optimize the health & safety and operational efficiencies of your people and buildings. Because we work closely with you to understand your needs, you are able to realize benefits far beyond simple energy savings. By doing what’s best for you versus what’s easiest for us, you can address mission-critical business challenges and substantially increase net profitability in ways you would not be able to otherwise.

Our Vision

Helping you create the healthiest environment possible for your business and the planet.

We’re more than a great business partner.

The Wasmer team strives to be outstanding citizens in every aspect of life. We participate in community events, volunteer our time, support each other’s initiatives, and partake in activities that better the world around us.

What are your most pressing challenges?

Get actionable advice on energy and operational efficiency issues from CEO and Lead Energy Expert, Tim Wasmer. Schedule a complimentary 10-minute virtual consultation today!

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