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An Industrial Energy Efficiency Consulting Company

Engineering what’s best for you, not what’s easiest for us.


Veteran Owned

In the military, “failure is not an option” is more than a saying. It’s a mindset. As a U.S. Army veteran, our CEO and Lead Energy Expert Tim Wasmer makes sure that “can do” attitude permeates every facet of our company. We’re far more than just energy efficiency consultants. Since our founding in 2010, we’ve been passionately committed to being the team our clients depend on to get the tough assignments done. On time. Within budget. Delivering results as promised.

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Smart Engineering Driven

Companies turn to us because they want an engineered solution to their operational and business challenges. They want a company that digs a little deeper, thinks more holistically and works relentlessly to build the right solution for the need. They want a partner with a systematic approach to energy efficiency assessment, planning and execution, whether it’s a project for LED lighting, compressed air management, industrial HVAC, motor controls, variable frequency drives, or on-site power generation.

We’re not just going back to the warehouse and grabbing a box to install. We’re understanding your situation. Your environment. Your business challenges. We’re creating a solution custom tailored to optimize your energy savings, and more importantly, improve the trajectory of your entire organization.

Why Choose The Wasmer Company?

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Sites include some of the most
demanding environments on Earth

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Foundry, Steel, Food Processing
and Hospitality Industries turn to us

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9.45 Average
Client Satisfaction

Clients consistently give us
Net Promoter Scores of 9-10

Creating Energy Smart Clients

We work closely with you, so you have the best possible understanding of what is at stake. After all, we’re convinced that the more you know about energy efficiency and how it contributes to operational efficiency and bottom-line strategic objectives, the more likely you are to partner with us for your next project. And subsequent projects.


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What Our Clients Say…

“We needed a team that would listen and work with us.
That’s exactly what Wasmer did.”

David Koronkiewicz, Manufacturing Engineer
Georgia Pacific

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“I was impressed with their depth of technical expertise.
They really taught us a lot about lighting.”

Tony Lukas, Chemist
Molded Dimensions LLC

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“Other companies just wanted to peddle lights.
Wasmer dug in and engineered a solution.”

Rick Janaky, Plant Engineering Manager
Charter Dura-Bar

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The Wasmer Mission

At Wasmer, we are a team of energy efficiency engineering contractors specializing in LED Lighting, Compressed Air Management, HVAC, Motor Controls and On-site Power Generation. Our continuous improvement processes, focus on team development and execution excellence, allow us to do what's best for our clients, instead Of What's easiest for us. As a result, our clients substantially increase net profitability, improve effectiveness, competitiveness, and overall organizational value in a sustainable way. Through Integrity, Trust and Process, the Wasmer Company Team delivers a comprehensive range of products and services enabling commercial and industrial businesses to optimize the health, safety and efficiency of their people and their buildings. Benefits are realized far beyond simple energy savings.

Our Vision is to help you create the healthiest environment possible for your business and the planet.

About Our Founder & CEO

Tim Wasmer

Founder, CEO & Lead Energy Efficiency Expert

Tim has always been a highly motivated self-starter. In the Army, his can-do attitude enabled him to graduate top of his class in Advanced Individual Training.

A lifelong learner, his inquisitive mind made him a quick study, earning his electrician’s certification while working at Kohler Company. This also was where he ignited his passion for energy efficiency. But he was compelled to seek out bigger and better things.

His willingness to sweat the details and want to go above and beyond for his clients made him a highly successful National Account Manager for a leading lighting manufacturer. From there, his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to disrupt the status quo led him to start his own company.

The key to his success as a leader is looking at the bigger picture for his clients. Since creating the Wasmer Company, Tim has gone on to help some of the most demanding industrial and commercial clients across the country realize significant energy savings. At the same time, his team’s engineering efforts have helped clients achieve mission-critical, strategic objectives, ranging from safety and quality control to productivity improvements and lean initiatives that generate a level of ROI that far exceeds simple energy savings.

“It’s not about what’s easiest for us, it’s about what’s best for our clients.”

What are your most pressing challenges?

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Get actionable insights on operational and energy efficiency issues from CEO and Lead Energy Expert, Tim Wasmer.  Schedule your complimentary 10-minute virtual consultation today!

Memberships & Affiliations

Wasmer is proud of its safety record and complies with the highest ISNetworld safety standards. We are a RAVS Plus participant and have passed the most stringent Review and Verification Services including complete safety documentation and interview assessment. Find us at www.isnetworld.com

Wasmer is proud of its safety record and complies with the highest ISNetworld safety standards.  We are a RAVS Plus participant and have passed the most stringent Review and Verification Services including complete safety documentation and interview assessment.  Find us at www.isnetworld.com

Do you dread the thought of having multiple vendors audit your facility? Get everything you need to solicit apples-to-apples energy efficiency project bids with a single, comprehensive audit.

Our energy billing experts conduct a thorough analysis of your utility invoices to identify billing errors, and then work with your utility company to secure the refund that you are entitled to.