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The Wasmer Company is a full service lighting and energy efficiency firm. Our team is comprised of certified Energy Efficiency Consultants and Professional Engineers who are trained to develop and implement fully integrated lighting and energy systems. We work with companies in a consultative manner with a focus on data and education. Our goal is to cut costs and increase both productivity and profitability, while also improving and enhancing the environment of your facility.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help maximize your success, while making a positive impact on your communities, your employees and the planet. We empower you to achieve greater profitability by helping you save time and money through energy efficient sustainability practices. When you win, we all win!

Education Comes First

We know education is the key to your future growth, so we focus on teaching you how to optimize your lighting and energy systems instead of just completing a project. We value our relationship with our clients and add educational value and metrics in every interaction.

More than a great business partner.

The Wasmer Team strives to be outstanding citizens in every aspect of life. We participate in community events, volunteer our time, support each other’s initiatives, and partake in activities that better our environment. Here at Wasmer, we do what is right in every situation, every day of the week.

Learn why a broader range of energy efficiency solutions is important to optimizing net profitability. Schedule your 10 minute virtual consultation with Tim today!

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