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Wasmer’s value lies in the space between manufacturing operation solutions and our impact on human behavior and outcomes.


Minimize the use
of planetary resources
operational cost
Enhance human
and product safety
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The Wasmer Company integrates human intuition and know-how with leading technology to optimize facilities through holistic, innovative solutions that increase manufacturing efficiencies, productivity, minimize the use of planetary resources, reduce operational cost, and enhance human/product safety.
To help you create the healthiest environment possible for your business and the planet.
Passion, Business Acumen, Resilience, Mastery, Innovation.
We are fortunate to have built mutually beneficial partnerships with global Fortune 500 manufacturing companies to small, locally based powerhouses. The foundation of success lies in seeking out clients that view Wasmer as a partner, embrace continuous improvement, focus on sustainability and take care of their employees.

Wasmer maintains a selective approach in targeting clients and developing long-term partnerships with those that will move us in a position to grow and to attract and retain the best and brightest.

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Wasmer helps manufacturing companies reduce their energy use by adopting a holistic approach of boots-on-the-ground facility assessment and technological solutions. Balancing invaluable on-site immersion with time-efficient technology provides energy efficiency solutions that consider return on investment, lifecycle cost, material flow/throughput, and equipment life.

Wasmer energy-saving services include facility audits, proactive maintenance strategies, voltage balance, water conservation solutions, waste heat recovery, compressed air leak detection and remediation, energy consumption audits, energy balances, energy benchmarking, sales tax and utility bill audits, and carbon reduction strategies.

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Wasmer services encompass a wide range of practices and technologies aimed at improving the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of commercial/industrial processes. Our services can bring numerous benefits to your facility which include increasing productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing environmental performance while ensuring the safety of your workers.  

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