On-site Power Generation.

The power to improve.

From the machines on the manufacturing floor to the lights overhead, nearly everything you do depends on power. When it is compromised, so is production and the safety of your workers. If those risks are too high to rely solely on your energy provider, you may want to consider on-site power generation for your facility.

In its most basic form, on-site power generation can simply include adding emergency backup power generators to your manufacturing plant to safeguard against the event of an outage. This will assure productivity by reducing the downtime from waiting for the utility company to restore power. More importantly, having this fail-safe in place will keep your employees protected from harm if they’re working with dangerous equipment.


  • Increases productivity by eliminating downtime 
  • Eliminates safety concerns related to power outages
  • Reduces carbon footprint 
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Microturbine “peak shaving” to reduce demand charges or complete independence
on-site power in manufacturing