Heavy Equipment.

Lightening the heavy equipment load.

Tough on the job. Tougher on the plant.

Be it agriculture, construction, transportation, mining, or oil & gas markets, heavy machinery is built to be tough under the harshest conditions. And to manufacture that sort of equipment, you need a plant that’s operationally rugged and resilient. With stringent emissions standards, higher performance requirements, increasing safety standards, electrification, and the application of new technologies, it’s becoming more and more challenging for factories to withstand the evolving industrial landscape. 

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Equipment from the past. Problems for the future.

Approximately 90% of heavy equipment factories still use forty- to fifty-year-old equipment. These decades-old analog features and proprietary communication protocols present major challenges to moving these plants toward Industry 4.0 solutions.  

In our modern age, on-road and off-road heavy equipment manufacturing demands environments that are automated, digitized, flexible, safe, and efficient. And on top of that, they must minimize the use of natural resources in the production process.  

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Optimization Challenges.

  • Attract and retain talent 
  • Meet sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint 
  • Upgrade legacy equipment and implement Industry 4.0
  • Optimize facility layout
  • Improve digitization     

Specific to Challenges.

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