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The food and beverage industry is already the third largest contributor to the US manufacturing gross domestic product. And we’re just getting warmed up. The global population is growing and that means there will be a lot more mouths to feed. To meet global food demand in 2050, production will need to increase by 60-70%.

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Increasing production is never simple. In the food and beverage industry, it can feel downright impossible. With stringent regulations and best practices, it’s a nightmare to balance innovation, process efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Add to that the growing environmental challenges for lighting equipment and mechanical systems, and your smart solutions are constantly put to the test.  

So how can you make sure your facilities are optimized to keep people and products safe? How can you ensure operational costs are minimized and throughput is maximized? How can you expect to attract and retain talent in this intense environment with limited time for employee training and demandingly long shifts? That’s where we come in.  

Food and Beverage Machinery
Food and Beverage bean production

Optimization Challenges.

  • Attract and retain labor 
  • Implement automation and digitization 
  • Manage waste 
  • Mitigate rising costs per product 
  • Increase sustainability with both B2B and retail customers through production, water and waste management, and decarbonization pressure    

Specific to Challenges.

Food & Beverage


Natural Resource Management

Wasmer is expert in designing processes and managing equipment to minimize high-demand use of refrigeration, heating, air compressors and other water- and energy-intensive practices.  The outcome? A relief to CO2 and natural gas processing supply, with a sustainability spotlight story to share with stakeholders. 

Facility Layout & Design

Integrating the purposeful idiosyncrasies of your new or existing plant, Wasmer will create a layout that optimizes the flow of materials and product, minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, while meeting hygiene and safety standards.  We know production efficiency and worker safety is paramount.

Automation, Industry 4.0

The best and brightest are attracted to and stay with manufacturers offering highly digitized and automated facilities that allow them to focus on process management and critical thinking.  Traceability and lifecycle intelligence are increasingly important to customers and consumers.  Real-time data collection and closed-loop data integration ensures transparency of ingredients, level of sustainability and product source.

Equipment Management

Wasmer can assist with cost-effective, simplistic, effective smart factory solutions that measure processes and equipment performance.  Open-source operating systems, single-board computers and micro controllers bring real-time information to desktops and iPads.  Proactive asset management through IoT-led predictive maintenance improves regulatory compliance, consistent product quality, decarbonizes the process and minimizes operational cost.  

Industrial Controls Engineering

Wasmer can design and implement automation and control systems that ensure consistent and accurate production processes, including PLCs, HMIs and SCADA systems.  Process optimization implemented through production process data-gathering informs waste reduction, quality improvement, and efficiency increase solutions.  Food safety controls ensure that food and beverages are safe for consumption through the monitoring of temperature and humidity, sanitation procedures and equipment calibration.