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LED Lighting Solutions

Wasmer Company works with you to develop the most effective and efficient lighting systems for the unique needs of your facility. Before recommending any lighting system we dig deep, using the most advanced metrics and technology available to make informed decisions. The end result being energy savings, enhanced productivity and safer/healthier employees and customers.

Compressed Air Management

Our Certified Professional Auditors will evaluate if compressed air is the best tool for the job or if the function is better performed by a more efficient electric motor or pneumatic system. If compressed air is the best tool, significant savings can be achieved by installing an automated system to turn compressed air equipment off when not in use, reducing both leakage and cost.

Energy Audits

Energy bills are a major business expense. Understanding the factors that are driving these costs and finding solutions to address energy waste will save you money and improve efficiency.

The Proven Effective Process: 6 phases and 30 steps to an on-specification, on-time and on-budget energy-efficient-lighting installation.

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