There’s more to smart energy than utility savings. A lot more.

Lean strategies rely on smart energy solutions to drive operational efficiency and net profitability. But to transform smart energy into smarter business, you need a holistic approach. From initial energy assessments, to the broadest possible range of smart energy solutions, many of the most respected names in business turn to the energy engineering experts at Wasmer.

Far more than Energy Efficiency Consultants - we are Smart Energy Engineers.


Our facility wide approach means more smart energy solutions to save you money:

Our turnkey capability delivers all the skilled energy efficiency resources needed:

• Energy Audits & Assessments
• Project Scope
• In-House Engineering
• Procurement
• Installation
• Verification

Our efficiency experts maximize your energy savings with the job done right.

• Focus On Energy Certified Consultants
• Extreme Environment Specialists
• More Than 9,000 Installations
• Focus on Energy Trade Ally
• Proven 6-Phase Process
• Turnkey Project Management


Schedule a FREE Energy Star Benchmarking Assessment

Do you dread the thought of having multiple vendors audit your facility? Get everything you need to solicit apples-to-apples energy efficiency project bids with a single, comprehensive audit.

Our energy billing experts conduct a thorough analysis of your utility invoices to identify billing errors, and then work with your utility company to secure the refund that you are entitled to.

What Our Clients Say…

“We needed a team that would listen and work with us.
That’s exactly what Wasmer did.”

David Koronkiewicz, Manufacturing Engineer
Georgia Pacific

Georgia Pacific Logo

“I was impressed with their depth of technical expertise.
They really taught us a lot about lighting.”

Tony Lukas, Chemist
Molded Dimensions LLC

Molded Dimensions LLC Logo

“Other companies just wanted to peddle lights.
Wasmer dug in and engineered a solution.”

Rick Janaky, Plant Engineering Manager
Charter Dura-Bar

Charter Dura-Bar Logo


The Proven Effective Process: 6 phases and 30 steps to an on-specification, on-time and on-budget energy efficient-lighting installation.

The Smart Energy Blog

LED lighting is only the tip of commercial energy savings opportunities. Wasmer Smart Energy Blog

According to the Department of Energy, lighting accounts for only 11% of utility consumption. So, if lighting is only 11% of your “utility opportunity,” where else should you be looking?


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