Energy Assets Audit

Assets Audit for Commercial Energy Efficiency Projects

Improve Bidding Accuracy And Reduce Project Costs

Energy efficiency upgrade projects already consume too much of your time. With COVID-19 issues and the goal of minimizing social interaction, they can be even more of a headache... until now.

Wasmer offers a simple solution to support social distancing goals and take costs out of the overall project process, while enabling you to get consistently accurate bids from multiple vendors, for true apples-to-apples comparisons. The secret? A comprehensive facility assets audit up front.


The Wasmer Single-Source Energy Assets Audit

  • Physical inventory to identify legacy assets where replacement would provide a significant return on investment.
  • Comprehensive written report includes accurate asset counts, ceiling heights, ambient temperatures, normal hours of operation and any other information that will be required to create a standardized request for proposal to send to multiple bidders.
  • Hard-hat-mounted video camera will document findings and the edited video will be made available via video link.
  • The assets audit simplifies comparison of bid responses and reduces each bidder’s cost of sales by eliminating the requirement for each bidder to assess each facility.

Separate fee structures are available for lighting, compressed air and variable frequency drives.

Find out how a Wasmer Energy Assets Audit can streamline your energy efficiency projects!