Case Study

On-Site Power Generation.

Georgia-Pacific creates real, long-term value by using resources efficiently to provide innovative products and solutions that meet the needs of customers and society, while operating in a manner that is environmentally and socially responsible, and economically sound.

The Problem.

At a Georgia-Pacific mill in Green Bay, WI, one building needed to be converted from a warehouse to a production area. That meant light levels had to be increased and emergency lighting would be necessary to provide employees with adequate lighting for safe egress in the event of a power outage. But that presented Georgia-Pacific with two challenges that needed to be addressed.
> Traditional emergency lighting solutions are labor intensive to maintain
Code stipulates that emergency lighting systems need to be tested on a monthly basis and a 90-minute test cycle needs to be conducted annually. That means every month sending someone around to each emergency light to manually test it. Since this particular facility is more than 20,000 sq ft, that would add 2-4 hours in labor every month just to verify that the lights were operational.
> Emergency lighting reliability was another key concern
Typical emergency lights are powered by small rechargeable battery packs that don’t tend to be very reliable and require frequent battery replacement. This adds even more maintenance expense in terms of labor and the need for replacement parts.
Plus, safety is paramount at Georgia-Pacific. When you have technicians operating forklifts and working in and around massive machines, you need to be able to rely on your emergency lighting.

The Solution.

Wasmer engineered a unique solution, combining a strategic arrangement of overhead lighting circuits with the use of a lighting inverter. As a result, all desired emergency lighting objectives were achieved without having to purchase and maintain dedicated lighting systems for emergency purposes.
> Two main lighting circuits accommodated all emergency lighting egress needs
In total, 192 LED high bay lights had been installed to upgrade the outdated fluorescents throughout the building and provide more candlepower to the production facility floor. They required approximately a dozen circuits. Of those, the LEDs that would deliver the best coverage facility wide for emergency lighting were routed to two of those circuits. This offered an added benefit of more light on the facility floor in the event of an emergency.
> A lighting inverter provided a single maintenance touchpoint and automated the process
The battery inverter located near the electrical panel was connected to the two emergency light circuits. In the event of a power outage, it would supply plenty of power to operate the designated LEDs. The inverter is essentially a single, giant battery back-up and the unit selected is projected to last 15 years.
Another big advantage of the inverter solution is that it has a built-in microprocessor that enables the Georgia-Pacific team to perform all monthly and annual maintenance automatically. You can go to the logs and pull all the data needed to demonstrate compliance. Or, the system can be set up to generate reports automatically. Either way, it’s a huge labor savings. Plus, self-diagnostics are available, so the system can notify you when replacements are needed.
Between the life cycle of the inverter and its ability to conduct required tests automatically, this approach improves emergency lighting system reliability while virtually eliminating system maintenance and the labor associated with it.

The Results.

Increased facility
Reduced future
maintenance hours
labor costs

What We Do.

We engineer solutions for on-site power generation including emergency back-up power (generators), which can improve productivity by reducing downtime while eliminating safety concerns that could arise in the event of a power outage. We also offer additional renewable energy source solutions (like wind turbines or solar), which can reduce carbon output and improve sustainability. This ultimately reduces energy cost, resulting in a significant impact to your bottom line – all with turnkey project design and implementation.
What we do


Improving overall operating efficiency isn’t just good for you bottom line, it is good for the planet! Wasmer can help identify opportunities for your company to reduce emissions, while improving your production efficiency, employee productivity and reducing your carbon footprint. We engineer and implement a custom solution for your facility.

Building Partnerships.

When you entrust us with a key to your plant, we don’t take it lightly. Every step forward is taken with care, diligence, and a sharp mind. Thank you for the opportunity to build solutions, business, and friendships.