On Site Power Generation

Does On-Site Power Generation Make Sense for Your Facility?

On Site Power Generation Should be Driven by Strategic Goals

Typically, on-site power generation falls into two categories:

  • Renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar
  • Emergency back-up power

If you are striving to achieve energy independence, or are simply committed to improving sustainability, renewable energy sources are worth considering. But is your facility a better candidate for wind turbines, solar, or a combination of the two? Physical location, technical resources, and state and federal regulations and incentives all factor into the equation.

If your objective is to prevent downtime, back-up generators could be the answer.

Whether you’re considering renewable energy, emergency back-up power, or both, the up front costs can be substantial, so you need to perform your due diligence.


Best Practices for Evaluating the Potential for On-Site Power Generation

Our proven 6-phase process to energy efficiency project management helps you navigate the intricacies of on-site power generation.

  • Thorough assessment helps you balance cost and resource implications against projected ROI.
  • Clearly defined project scope helps keep you focused on the task at hand.
  • In-house engineering resources enable us to provide you with the options that make the most sense for your company’s needs, goals and budget.
  • Comprehensive project management includes oversight of procurement and installation, as well as validation to confirm that systems are performing as anticipated.

This turnkey process enables you to determine if on-site power generation is right for your organization. It also helps assure that your project will be completed on time and on budget.


We can help you critically evaluate opportunities for on-site power generation at your facility.

Do you dread the thought of having multiple vendors audit your facility? Get everything you need to solicit apples-to-apples energy efficiency project bids with a single, comprehensive audit.

Our energy billing experts conduct a thorough analysis of your utility invoices to identify billing errors, and then work with your utility company to secure the refund that you are entitled to.