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As a veteran owned and operated business, Wasmer feels it’s our duty to support this great country of ours and its businesses.

We pride ourselves on engineering solutions based on fact-based analytics. Solutions that enable demanding clients to systematically save energy, solve mission-critical strategic challenges and improve the trajectory of their businesses.

We’re equally proud to work with clients and trade partners who share our commitment to excellence. We invite you to find out more about some of these American standouts we have the good fortune of working with. And we encourage you to do the same.


Reinvesting to better serve customers.

Our engineered LED lighting solution was a classic example of Apache doing what it takes to improve quality.

Tom Hoffmann – Director of Sales

Precision engineering, world-class craftsmanship and a commitment to continuous improvement through reinvestment have made Apache a go-to resource for industry luminaries such as Miller Coors & Anheuser Busch.

  • Large stainless tanks
  • Small stainless vessels
  • Contract manufacturing

Their effort to offer customers the best end product possible is something we can relate to very well.

Engineering solutions to help customers excel.

Charter Dura-Bar is the world’s largest producer of continuous cast iron bar stock. Dura-Bar material is engineered to be the preferred choice over steel, castings and aluminum. It enables customers to improve performance and achieve significant cost savings for many applications in a wide variety of industries.

  • Experienced staff of metallurgists, machining specialists and engineers
  • Committed to ensuring customers receive product that performs as expected
  • Trained to assist customers, prospects and distributors lower the total cost of parts
  • Focused on improving performance and optimizing productivity
  • Ready to help you identify new applications

Dan Henry – Sales Manager

Their culture, like ours, is all about doing what it takes to help clients succeed.

Lean Manufacturing goals emphasize customer value and satisfaction.

Since 1954, Molded Dimensions has been the service provider of choice for companies across a diverse selection of markets for their rubber and polyurethane molding needs.

  • Rubber molding
  • Polyurethane Molding
  • GlocalSource
  • Silicone Molding
  • Mold Construction
  • Elastomer Molding

Patrick Roddy – VP Sales & Marketing

Engineered precision is their hallmark. And our LED lighting project was instrumental
in their ability to take quality control to another level.