Reducing Energy Consumption. Improving Operational Efficiency.

 When we say Smart Energy, Smarter Business we mean it.
Our On.Site Optimization (OSo) Program empowers your operational decision-making with data rather than subjective thinking. By observing, problem-solving, implementing and evaluating outcomes, we help you significantly reduce your energy consumption. We also work with you to ensure you get all the incentives you are entitled to for making energy-saving improvements.

OSo impact on Wisconsin Businesses since 2022.


2022 – 2024

We’ve helped
customers save
in estimated annual
energy costs

 By the end of 2024, our
customers will receive
in incentives for energy-saving improvements

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Lower energy consumption is only part of the story.

Reduced energy consumption can have a huge impact on your bottom line. But the benefits of OSo extend well beyond utility bill savings.




Minimize the use of
planetary resources


operational costs

protection (1)

Enhance human and product safety

What makes our program so successful?


Think of your facility as a living organism. It’s made up of various parts, pieces and systems. But they are all interconnected and interdependent. As a result, your facility is only as strong and as healthy as its weakest link. By taking a holistic approach to your continuous operational improvement, you can maximize your energy consumption reduction, while optimizing facility productivity.

A proven process


We can also help you source creative funding through FOE, DOE and more

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