LED Lighting

Get the Right Industrial LED Lighting for Your Facility

LED Lights Engineered for Your Operational Needs

Lighting is a fundamental requirement of every facility that we rarely think about, yet it’s integral to virtually every facet of business. From development to final inspection, every product is impacted by it. Lives depend on it. And when you look at it more closely, you realize just how many ways lighting influences the core strategic drivers you rely on to propel your business forward. With so much at stake, it pays to have proven experts you can trust to get this mission-critical task done – and done right.


Benefits of LED Lighting


Energy Savings

LED lighting conversion is one of the easiest ways to drive down your utility costs with energy efficiency.


Improved Safety

Proper illumination helps minimize workplace accidents and worker’s compensation claims.


Increased Quality

Correct light levels help reduce process variables and support continuous improvement.

Engineering Solutions for Your Industrial LED Lighting Needs

There is far more to a successful lighting project than just swapping out conventional fixtures for similarly rated LED light fixtures.


  • Do you have the correct lumen output for tasks required for each zone in your facility?
  • What strategic objectives are you trying to address?
  • Are there environmental challenges involved, such as high heat, high dust and debris, or both?
  • Do you need to adjust light placements to keep pace with changing plant floor configurations?

Our energy efficiency consultants and lighting engineers don’t just sell lights. We build lighting systems to meet the unique needs of your facility, whether it is a warehouse, manufacturing area, inspection area, office area or any other indoor or outdoor lighting need.

Proven Process for LED Lighting Conversion

We hate change orders as much as you do, so our 6-step process for LED lighting conversions has been continually refined over thousands of installations. This fact-based, systematic approach consistently enables us to deliver LED lighting projects on time and within budget.


All LED Lights Are Not Created Equal

LED’s have very different performance characteristics compared to traditional lighting options like HID, metal halide, fluorescent and halogen. Here are three things you need to know about LED lighting before you select fixtures:

  1. Heat is a leading cause of premature LED fixture failure. If your LEDs succumb to thermal damage, they won’t last long enough to deliver the energy savings you’re counting on.
  2. Heat can also impact LED lumen output. Some lights may survive high heat loads, but they can suffer up to a 45% fall-off in lumen output. The result is less than ideal light levels for manufacturing, warehouse or office applications.
  3. Time-consuming re-gridding is needed for most LED fixtures if you need to adjust lighting placement to meet changing plant floor demands.

Wasmer specifies state-of-the-art LED lights engineered to withstand high heat and high dust and debris environments, with no fall-off in lumen output. These designs also allow easy fixture relocation without the need for re-gridding.

Ultimately, our goal is to engineer LED lighting systems that reduce energy cost and increase employee morale and productivity, resulting in a significant impact to your bottom line.

Let us show you the payback on a
Wasmer-engineered LED lighting solution.

Do you dread the thought of having multiple vendors audit your facility? Get everything you need to solicit apples-to-apples energy efficiency project bids with a single, comprehensive audit.

Our energy billing experts conduct a thorough analysis of your utility invoices to identify billing errors, and then work with your utility company to secure the refund that you are entitled to.