ENERGY STAR Benchmark Assessment

ENERGY STAR Benchmarking

How does your facility's energy use compare to similar facilities?

Prioritize Facility Energy Management

Wasmer’s ENERGY STAR Benchmark Assessment will show you how your facility’s energy performance compares to similar facilities across the United States. ENERGY STAR benchmarking is available for specific types of industrial and commercial facilities with energy performance scored on a 100 point scale. Facilities with a score of 75 or higher are eligible to apply for ENERGY STAR certification. Most importantly, benchmarking will give you critical information you need to prioritize energy efficiency improvements facility-wide. The best part? The Wasmer ENERGY STAR Benchmark Assessment costs you nothing.


The Wasmer ENERGY STAR Benchmark Assessment

  • Thorough on-site audit of your facility's waste, energy and water use.
  • Comprehensive report detailing the energy and water efficiency and waste management of your facility.
  • ENERGY STAR score (1-100) documents how you compare to similar facilities, using federal data from participating facilities across the U.S.
  • Facilities that receive a score of 75 or higher are eligible to apply for the highly prestigious ENERGY STAR certification.
  • Opportunities for energy efficiency improvements are identified.
  • Benchmarking provides a baseline to measure the positive impact of energy efficiency improvement projects.

Smart Energy Use is About More than Cost Savings

A Wasmer ENERGY STAR Benchmark Assessment can show you how to save money on utility costs, but did you know that projects to improve energy efficiency can also have a positive impact on employee productivity? Thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and lighting quality all have a significantly impact on employees. If your energy-related facility improvements generate even a 1% improvement in occupant productivity, your return will be far more than the savings on your utility bill.


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