Industrial LED Lighting Advancements Mitigate Heat-related Issues.

tactik-lighting-new-industiral-led-lighting-products-Citadel-Series-NCO-Series Now, industrial and commercial facilities can better protect their lighting investment against heat-related failure. Having completed thousands of high-efficiency LED lighting installs across the country, we’re constantly evaluating industrial LED lighting manufacturers to ensure our customers get the best possible solutions for their lighting needs.


When it comes to protecting LED fixture performance and longevity against heat degradation, two recent advancements are real attention getters: Tactik Lighting’s NCO Series and Citadel Series.


NCO & Citadel include patent-pending features to minimize heat.

Both the general-purpose NCO Series and the tri-proof Citadel Series share design innovations specially engineered to prevent damaging heat build-up.

Leading competitors can experience up to a 45% fall-off in lumen output as they approach their rated heat threshold


1.Internal cooling fins extend the length of the fixture. By sealing out dust and debris, these fins reliably dissipate heat while preventing the negative insulating effects that otherwise would result in unwanted heat build-up.

2. Exterior, vertical cooling fin helps prevent build-up of contaminants on the fin that would hinder its heat dissipation capabilities.

3. Remote drivers serve two critical, heat-mitigating functions. Since internal drivers are a major source of ambient heat, locating the driver away from the fixture helps preserve the life of the fixture and the driver. This design also allows the driver to be mounted away from environmental heat sources, enabling the driver and the fixture to run at lower operating temperatures.

4. High-heat versions of each are available that deliver a 203° F rating. That’s a 46% increase over the heat ratings of leading competitors’ high-heat offerings. And unlike leading competitors, the NCO & Citadel have no fall-off in lumen output as they approach their rated heat threshold.

5. Steep sloping sidewalls on the Citadel Series prevent build-up of dust and debris across the entire surface of the fixture.


Ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Distinctive lines and clean aesthetics make these two innovative designs perfect for everything from the boardroom to the factory floor.


The tri-proof Citadel Series is designed to resist heat, dust and debris, and corrosion, making it ideal for harsh duty environments such as steel mills and foundries, pulp and paper mills, and sawmills. The NCO Series is a workhorse meant to deliver long life in general purpose industrial and commercial spaces. Both the NCO and the Citadel are available in standard temperature and high heat configurations. Each comes in 11 different models ranging from 100-900 Watts and 14,400-129,600 lumens. Because Tactik Lighting designs and manufactures these fixtures in the U.S.A., lead times for standard and custom orders are just 5-7 business days.


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